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The Bumblies 1964 - 2011

The Bumblies Live! at Cheshire Cats

New Line Up - First Appearance 28th September 2011

Welcome folks to The Bumblies website. Back again after many years doing jobs and things.

The BumbliesThe band started out at the end of 1963 at the height of the Merseybeat boom calling ourselves after a popular BBC comedy show about space puppets called the Bumblies. The band developed into a hard driving Rhythm and Blues outfit some way away from the style of the Beatles. As part of the third wave of Liverpool beat music, The Bumblies became one of the most popular The Bumblies 1964bands in and around Liverpool. In 1966 the band changed their name to The Cryin Shames and had a hit record with a cover of the Drifters number "Please Stay".


You can read the complete history of the band here.

In 2009 three of the original band The Cryin shamesmembers George Robinson, Dave Ferguson and Charlie Gallagher met up with a view to playing once again. Two of the three Dave and Charlie went on to re-form The Bumblies and the band re-launched at the world famous Hard Days Night Hotel, Liverpool in August 2009. The band is back playing authentic Merseybeat in and around Liverpool reminding people of the magic that was 1964.

 Comin Up...

The Bumblies are appearing at the Annie Kell Concert on 13th October at Tallalulahs Late Bar in New Brighton to support Cancer charities. Hope to see you there.

Annie Kell Concert

Rockin at the YPC Friday 28th October

Rockin at the YPC

Rockin at the YPC

The Bumblies Return To The Cavern

The Bumblies Rock The CavernThe Bumblies returned to The Cavern once again on June 26th as part of the Merseycats marathon. The band played their now famous 1964 Cavern Set featuring many of the songs the Beatles played before they were famous.


 Live At The Cavern Videos and Pictures


The Bumblies "Live"




The Bumblies in The Recording Studio

The band have been recording some great tracks in the studio for release later this year. Here's a sneak preview with Steve Maloney on Vocals

 The Bumblies At The Conny Club -Back After 46 Years

Clubmoor Conservative Club

I stood on the stage looking back at the backdrop of John and Paul commemorating their now famous first paid appearance as the Quarrymen in 1957 and it just struck me how fortunate I was to have been around when the Beatles changed the world.

I grew up opposite the club and spent most of my youth kicking a football around the car park outside the club. I can't remember the day they played there, but probably I was too busy playing football to worry about some gang of scruffs playing skiffle, and after all I was only 10. My band The Bumblies (Originally called The Soundtracks) had their first serious practice there and that was the reason we just had to go back and play the venue. In all those years it hadn't changed much, other than some different wallpaper and of course the price of drinks (Still very cheap by the way). The area surrounding the club now resembles Beirut on a bad day, which is a great shame as in my day, whilst we didn't have much money, it was a good place to grow up. We had the Broadway Club with Joe Royle Snr's band The Saturated 7 playing every weekend. Joe junior of course played for the greatest football club in the world Everton (Ed: opinion). Some weeks, stars who were appearing in the city would end up at The Broadway and very often would get up and do a few songs. Just down the road was The Montrose Club, owned by the same guy (Ernie Mack). The Montrose was of course where MerseyCats first played. Within just a few miles there must have been 30 or more social clubs and it was there, where we started to get our first bookings. The Conny club like many other clubs and pubs in the UK has suffered following the smoking ban and the increasingly draconian drink drive enforcement procedures over here and they are fighting to keep their entertainment going. MC Andy from Searchin did a great job on the night and our thanks go to him for the invite. I had some difficulty in getting through the first few numbers, as I kept looking at the spot where my dear old Mum used to sit every week. Most Saturdays the club would empty out and we would entertain a crowd of late drinkers at our house. My dad worked for Grants of St James so there was always plenty of Booze. And the cuisine....Ahhhh Tripe, butter beans and Pea and Ham soup...fond memories. Videos of Conny Club.

Charlie's Wedding

Charlie & LissaCharlie Gallagher of the The Bumblies and more famously The Cryin' Shames got wed on Sunday 29th August 2010 to the lovely Lissa. It was a great day topped off by some Fab music in the evening from The Bumblies, Beat Club and Free Spirit. Instead of wedding presents Charlie and Lissa asked for donations in support of Zoe's Place, Derian House and the Orphans Charity and we are pleased to report that over £2,300 was collected on the day. Lissa and Charlie presented the cheques to three charities at a recent Merseycats show.

You Should Have Been There...

Back After 46 years. The Bumblies were part of the original Merseybeat boom of the sixties playing at all the famous Liverpool venues of the time including the Cavern, the Iron Door Club, the Orrell Park Ballroom and many more. The band then morphed into The Cryin' Shames who developed into the most popular band in Liverpool after the Beatles.

From Bumblies to Cryin Shames

From Bumblies to Cryin Shames

The band started up in 1964 and reformed in 2009 playing in a number of venues in and around Liverpool including The Cavern, The Hard Days Night Hotel and MerseyCats. If you would like to read the history of the band, two of the original members Dave Ferguson and George Robinson recount their memories.

From Bumblies To Cryin' Shames

The BumbliesToday

 Dave Fergy - Founder Member  Charlie Gallagher - Founder Member
Steve Maloney - Baby Bumblie Colin Gort

Photo of Stuart up shortly

 Pictures courtesy of Ken Shalliker

The Bumblies today consist of original members Charlie Gallagher and Dave Fergy joined by Steve Maloney one of Liverpool's top guitarists who is fondly referred to as "Baby Bumblie" as he still has his teeth. Colin Gort, one of the best keyboard players in the North of England and Stuart Lynch on bass.

Liverpool 1964

"You should have been there."

John Lennon


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